List Your Home For $150 - No Commission

Ekday Realty is the home of the $150 listing! The Orlando real estate market is in pretty bad shape, and we’re doing our part to help sellers sell their homes without paying a commission.

We will list your home on the Mid-Florida MLS for $150, and no commission to us. The MLS is where agents go to find homes for their clients, so you’ll be harnessing the power of tens of thousands of agents searching homes for even more clients. Your home will also be listed on, which is the most-visited public real estate search site on the internet. We have paid to have our listings “Enhanced,” so you’ll have more pictures and information with your listing, and your listing will appear higher in searches. We also add your home to our Orlando Listings page, which receives roughly 200 page views a day.

You can upload as many pictures as you’d like. We’ll use 10 for the MLS and, and the rest will be added to your listing on this site. We feel no one knows your home like you do, so we will let you tell us about it, and we’ll use your words in the public remarks section on the MLS.

Your listing will be live for 1 year, so essentially, you’ll be listing your house on the MLS and for $0.41 cents a day. Need to lower your price? We allow you to make changes to your listing twice a month. Just email us, and we’ll update it within 24 hours (usually within minutes).

That’s really all there is to it. Are you curious how we’re able to do this while other agents charge hefty commission percentages? Well, we’ve found that many of the people that list their home with us are so happy and surprised by our service that they have us help them find their new home. When we work with you as a buying agent, we are paid a commission by the person selling the home you buy. Using us to help find your new home isn’t required, but we sure do appreciate it.

Listing your home with Ekday takes about 30 minutes, and we usually have your home on the MLS within hours completing the paperwork. If you have questions, or would like us to list YOUR home, feel free to call us at 407-602-7722. We’d be happy to help.

We Are Orlando Real Estate

No matter how big or small your real estate need, you can count on Ekday Realty to assist you. We understand the current (unpleasant) conditions of the Orlando real estate market, and handle things with a fresh and unique approach not found at many other firms. Call us today to find out how we’re different.

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