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Downtown Orlando - Photo Tour14 Sep

Living in Orlando, we often forget how amazing our city is. I’ll be featuring photos from different towns for the next few weeks, and to start things off, I decided to go with Downtown Orlando. I know most people that don’t work downtown try to avoid it, but it’s a great place, and I have the pictures to prove it. These photos are all located in the Orlando, Fl Photos Flickr group.

Take a minute and have a look at some of the great sites downtown Orlando has to offer, and check back weekly for more shots around town. If you’d like a certain part of town featured, let me know in the comments. Of course, if you purchase a home down there, don’t forget about researching home insurance.

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  1. Marcus

    What a great idea… and nice pics! But what I really want is for you to come over here and clean my damn pool. Michael Phelps said he won’t swim in it again until that green algae looking stuff is gone.

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