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Orlando’s Favorite Interstate Gets Ambiguous10 Sep

Orlando’s most-hated most beloved interstate, I-4, is about to adjust its speed limits, according to WESH. It’s been in the works for well over 5 years, but starting Monday, the speed limit signs will change based on traffic changes.

Now, if you’ve lived in Orlando for more than a week, you probably would drive to another state and back to avoid driving on I-4. The road is notorious for being a parking lot during rush hour, but Steve Homan of the Department of Transportation said, “We want them to drive slower so they can move faster.” Umm..slower than zero? Sure thing Steve.

Here’s where I have a problem with this. If it’s possible to change the speed limits on demand, receiving a traffic citation for speeding could become a huge mess. “Your Honor, the speed limit said 75, but the officer said 65.” I hope they’ve worked these details out over the last few years, but I guess we’ll see in a few days. Just be warned - if you drive I-4, watch the signs on Monday - you might be in for a big surprise. Oh, and another thing. I don’t believe for a second this is going to make I-4 any better. Not a pessimist, just been burned far too many times. I’m still hoping for the two-story version we heard about so many years ago.

Now it’s your turn. Tell if you think this will make things better for us here in Orlando. You can let it all out in the comments section below.

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  1. John from Austin

    Stop hoping for your two-story version and start hoping it never happens. I live in Austin Texas where they did that with I-35 and it is a nightmare. It is so bad the guy who designed it committed suicide because of it.

  2. jamkey

    I would agree (assuming they are lowering the speed) given that I often AM going the speed limit on most of the downtown area (50mph, fyi, for the majority of you that seem unaware of it) and get passed by most everyone like I’m a turtle crossing the road w/o a clue in the world that I’m about to get crushed. At least they are trying something new, I guess… My bet is that the new 408 interchange will be more of a positive change than anything else.

  3. james

    I’ve lived in Tampa my whole life and I have to say I-4 is one of the worst interstates I have seen. That being said I think a slower speed is just what this road needs, (If only during rush hour). My reasoning behind this is “slow and steady wins the race”.
    A slow speed and controlled bottle necking will be the fix.
    Also in both Hillsborough and Polk county they have been adding an extra east and west bound lane witch will help tremendously.

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