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Orlando Turns on 10 Red Light Cams02 Sep

Orlando’s busy intersections just got a whole lot more - well, big brother-ish. Ten new cameras have been installed and are being used to catch red light runners. Our map shows the location of seven of them. Take note of their locations - they seem to be very popular intersections.

How do they work? Well, according to Central Florida News 13, “the cameras snap pictures of any car that runs the light. After being reviewed by code enforcement, a ticket will be sent by mail.”

This map is interactive, so you can scroll around it and zoom in or out of it. I’ve marked the seven intersections with a blue pin.

View Larger Map

Here’s the list of intersections according to CF13

West Orlando

  • Conroy Road and Vineland Road
  • Turkey Lake Road and Wallace Road

Downtown Area

  • Westmoreland Drive and South Street
  • Magnolia Avenue and Concord Street
  • Kaley Street and Division Avenue

East Orlando

  • Michigan Street and Dixie Bell Drive
  • Lee Vista Boulevard and Goldenrod Road

Have you received a ticket from any other Orlando intersection? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  1. joe

    told you

  2. Tom

    Whether it is a camera or a police car, there are too many people in wheel chairs and dead because of the red light runners. If their light is red, the other direction is green. Like James Dean said, “the life you save might be your own”. We don’t need people running red lights and injuring/killing people. You hear the term “socialism” being thrown around a lot by the Republicans. Apparently, it is ok to have the police, teachers, air force, marines, Navy,etc. all run by the government. All of the Republicans on Medicare/Medicaid should stop receiving help from the government if they disagree with it.

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