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Blue Lights on Orlando Traffic Lights - Mystery Solved24 Aug

It was like it happened over night. Orlando and Saint Cloud went from having those plain-old boring traffic lights to what can now only be described as a Blue Light Special at every intersection. Confused? Yeah, we were too.

Turns out, those blue lights that sit atop our traffic lights now are an easier way for law enforcement to catch red-light runners.

According to Orlando’s Wesh TV2, “Little blue lights on traffic signals alert authorities from all angles that the signal below it has turned red.”

So there you have it. The Blue Light mystery has been solved. In case you’re wondering, those blue lights should last longer, and use less energy than the traffic lights. Guess Orlando’s trying to go green….with blue (sorry, had to say it).

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  1. Xearo

    We have these here in Colorado at our busy intersections, so i was figuring it was like camera’s, or some sort of capture device. looks like i was close. nice post!

  2. TST

    of course thats what it is. havent you seen those white lights about traffic lights? they were hard to see during the day so they got blue LED ones

  3. mike

    What a perfectly good waste of taxpayer money!!!

  4. tee

    I thought these are for color blind persons.

  5. al

    There was a blue light at the intersection of OBT and 50 for years. I always wondered about it…

  6. santy

    They have and keep on finding ways to violate more and more with the cameras another way to enhance the economic problems of the city. Isn’t this country suppose to be the “land of the free”? freedom rings? yeah right. They can’t get enough $ out of our already empty wallets, and ways to screw us at the tolls and the high dollar parking issues. I don’t believe it is about running red lights and safety it is truly about squeezing and &%*@%& all of us up financially, which creates one of more levels of stress. This sure is a good draw for the tourists! In fact, this is the factor that lies within the problem, as how many times have you had a tourist driving around you not paying attention and your trying to make any kind of a split life saving decision for all involved and next thing you know, is you yourself have almost hit someone, ran the damn red light or stop sign, and your own heart is racing! This camera crap has to stop it is such a violation of privacy it is like they are tracking our every move. The main problem ,if you don’t already know is: The police who take their power to the levels of blowing stop signs, lights, only to meet someone for a coffee or a donut! They are pulling you over for 5miles over the limit or just whenever the &^%$ they feel like it because they are the police and they can do whatever they want depending on their quota and mood. I don’t believe in running red lights, who knows if that is ALL the cameras are for, so disgusting. If they continue who knows what else they won’t stop at! &*^%$*

  7. Bill Shultz

    Highway robbery under consent of the king. That’s what traffic fines are for,to pick your wallet.just another means to get your $…

  8. Sydney

    I had heard it was for colorblind people too. But I figured it was some sort of camera. Thanks for clearing that up. Glad they’re going green too =)

  9. JJM

    Mike, every year in the U.S. alone, 10,000 people are killed at intersections, and you think this is a waste? You’re priorities are whacked!

  10. K

    well we wouldn’t have to “waste” taxpayer money if people would stop running red lights and killing people… i’m just saying.

  11. calcasieu

    Mystery sloved?

  12. admin

    Thanks calcasieu! I fixed the spelling.

  13. Jew

    WOW…i thought it was for color blind people…im sure not every colored blind person sees blue as red?!?!

  14. Colorblind

    U guys are idiots for actually thinking those blue lights are for colorblind people. Colorblind people are not retarded, we still know where the red yellow an green lights are located. Thanks for your input you non colorblind retards!

  15. ibo

    I have been visiting for a few days and was wondering what they were.

  16. Lucas

    Pasadena ca, we got the blue light’s too, learn somethn
    new every day huh?

  17. Common Sense

    To JJM - OK slow down and use some common sense before you go spouting off that Mike’s priorities are whacked!! Mike’s priorities are very much in order. This is a two step process so try to stay with me JJM. 1) If the cop is ANYWHERE in the area he / she can see the OTHER side of the light ie. if it’s green the light in the cross direction must be RED - ya think?? 2)Refer back to Mike’s statement.

  18. Common Sense

    To JJM - Oh and by the way, I have no idea if your statistic is correct or not on the numbers of deaths by RED light runners (actually sounds low) but that statistic has NOTHING to do with spending the tax payers dollars to install another light on top of the lights already installed that the RED light runner just ran. The ONLY purpose of the blue lights is to help the cops figure out that the light is RED when they really don’t need the help if they’d use the common sense tactic in #1 above.

  19. Idiot

    to Common Sense, who seems to have no common sense. the blue lights arent just for when the light has already turned red. Its to help catch the people trying to run through and beat the light before it goes from yellow to green. Remember there is that little delay from the time the light turns red, to the time the other lanes light turns green. So before you tell someone to get some common sense, come up with some yourself.

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